Frequently asked questions

Donating Money:

100% of funding donated to the campaign is being used to buy laptops once payment processing fees have been deducted. Our payment provider, Stripe, charges 1.4% of the amount processed plus 25c per transaction.

Donating Laptops:

How do I donate a laptop?

  1. Donate a Laptop.
  2. Fill out the form*
  3. You will be contacted by the Tech2Students team.
  4. We will send you postage labels and postage instructions.
  5. Wrap and Package your laptop and charger securely and affix the labels provided.
  6. Go to your local An Post office with your packaged laptop.
  7. An Post FreePost delivers your laptop to Tech2Students.
*All data relating to donors is held securely in compliance with the GDPR

What happens to donated laptops?

  1. Laptops are completely wiped of all data using a documented and verified process.
  2. On completion of the wiping process a confirmation certificate.
  3. The laptop is then imaged with a copy of software and licenses required.
  4. Finally, the laptop is updated, tested and physically cleaned before being packed and delivered to schools.

I’m a student who needs a laptop?

We connect with schools and organisations to distribute laptops. You should talk to your teacher/principal or local youth and community centre if they don’t know about us ask them to contact us.

I’m a school?

Contact us at and we will discuss laptop requirements for your school.

My laptop is really old. Can I still donate it?

We are looking for old devices but they do need to be usable. For this reason we are accepting devices which were manufactured in 2015 onwards.

My laptop isn't working / can't connect to the internet / is missing it's charger: Can I still donate it?

The device should be functioning as we do not have the capacity to do any hardware repairs. You can see the specification of devices we can refurbish here (PDF 150KB)

I have personal / private documents / photos etc I want to keep from the laptop.

You should back up all files which you want to keep on a USB, external hard drive or to cloud storage (for example Google Drive, ICLOUD, Microsoft One Drive). This way you can keep your personal documents and photos and still donate your laptop. Note the disk on your device will be completely erased before it is passed on, so all your files and information will no longer be available on the device.

Will I get my laptop back after Phase 2 is complete?

No, we are looking for people to generously donate their disused laptops to our cause. Laptops will not be returned but will remain in the possession of schools/organisations and can be used by many more students in years to come.

I'm worried about my private information.

The disk on your device will be completely erased before it is passed on, so all your files and information will no longer be available on the device. If you wish you can pre-wipe your laptop at home

. Either way it will still go through the secure process at the repurposing centre.